Tips on Drain Cleaning from Ft. Lauderdale's Plumbing Experts

July 21, 2015

drainParadise Service Technologies, the leading plumbing and air conditioning service company in Fort Lauderdale, offers up the answers to the most frequently asked drain cleaning questions:

Question: What's the best way to prevent drain clogs in the first place?

Answer: Hot water is your friend. Fill your sinks, laundry tubs and bathtubs with hot water then let them drain down the pipe. Using this technique you fill the entire pipe rather than just hitting the bottom with a stream of water. Hot water will help dissolve any material and flush it down the pipe. Once a month on a clean pipe will do wonders in preventing clogs.

Question: What are the best liquid drain cleaners available at the store?

Answer: As professional plumbers our answer has to be "none." Liquid drain cleaners like Draino or Liquid Plumber are temporary solutions at best and pipe damaging caustic chemicals at worse. Try pouring boiling water down a drain followed by a quarter cup of baking soda and then a 50/50 solution of boiling water and vinegar. After the fizzing stops, flush with hot water.

Question: How can I deodorize a garbage disposal?

Answer: Sometimes food particles can become stuck in a disposal creating a foul odor. An easy way to remove the debris and freshen up the disposal is to start the unit and put three or four ice cubes and a few sliced citrus peels (lemon, lime, orange) down the drain and flush with cold water. When the racket stops keep flushing for 30 seconds.

Question: Is there a way to prevent tree roots from getting into the sewer line?

Answer: If your sewer line has even a minute crack or opening in a joint and there are trees present, then there will eventually be tree roots in the line. Trees are constantly seeking water and your sewer line not only provides the water but nutrients as well. The tree roots that enter the line are slim, hair like roots that will quickly mass creating a clog. These clogs are usually not discovered until a backup occurs in the home and you have an emergency plumbing service call. An experienced plumber can run a video camera in the line to identify where the clog is and send an auger down the line to clear it. Once you have tree roots you will need to have the line snaked on a scheduled basis to prevent another backup or the need to dig up the yard and replace the pipe.

If you have any other questions regarding home plumbing issues feel free to contact us today for answers! We have been serving the Fort Lauderdale area for over 25 years and are always happy to give back to the community.

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