Helpful Plumbing Tips from a Fort Lauderdale Plumber

March 5, 2015

Helpful Plumbing Tips Fort Lauderdale

One of the most common customer statements I hear as a Fort Lauderdale plumber is “it just happened all of a sudden” referring to their plumbing emergency. Sometimes that’s true but more often than not plumbing problems will announce themselves well in advance if you know what to look for.

Detecting plumbing problems early can save a Fort Lauderdale homeowner a significant amount of frustration not to mention money spent on repairs. Small plumbing problems can often be repaired by the homeowner but if those small problems develop into large ones you will need a professional plumber to correct them.

What Every Fort Lauderdale Homeowner Should Know About Plumbing

Plumbing is a pretty simple concept…pressure and valves. If the lines and hoses that are under pressure are compromised (leaky joint, cracked pipe, burst hose, failed valve etc.) the pressure will direct water to unintended destinations. When the source of pressure is gravity (toilets and drains) and the pipe the gravity is applied to is blocked to the point that gravity pressure can’t move the water, water backs up.

That’s the basics. You’ll see how they come into play here next with these simple tips:

  • Know where the cut off valves are. If you discover a major leak cut the water off at the source of the leak. Toilets, faucets, washers, dish washers and hot water heaters all have valves that control water flow. Know where they are and how to turn them off. If the leak is in the wall you will need to know where the master water valve is that connects to the city’s main.
  • Look for water where water doesn’t belong such as in cabinets under sinks, on the floor near appliances, stains on the wall or ceiling or damp carpet. Those areas are wet for a reason and you need to track down the source of water and repair it before mold becomes an issue.
  • If you notice your water bill going up for no explainable reason, turn off all of your water and then look at your meter. If the meter is showing flow your next call should be to the water company asking them to verify the accuracy of the meter. If the meter is ok you may have a leak in the line that connects your home to the city’s main. You’ll need a professional plumber to determine if that’s the case and the best strategy to take going forward.
  • Don’t ignore slow draining sinks or toilets that require plunging. Both can be the precursors of serious problems. Have a plumber look at them when they are still manageable so the “fix” is not a major investment.

Procrastination has a price. If you have a recurring plumbing problem don’t ignore it. Call an experienced, trusted Fort Lauderdale plumber like Paradise Service Technologies to fix your plumbing problem before it becomes an “emergency” call.

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