Find a Ft. Lauderdale Emergency Plumbing Service Before You Need One

April 24, 2015

Emergency Plumbing Service Ft. Lauderdale

When you need a Ft. Lauderdale emergency plumbing service in the middle of the night what do you do? When your toilet has backed up or your water heater has burst, our bet is that your number one priority is to find someone who can get there fast. The problem with choosing the first plumbing service answered by a human and not an answering machine, is that you really do not know anything about the plumber other than he says he can be there shortly.

This scenario plays out every night in Fort Lauderdale. Homeowners discover that their "emergency plumber" charges exorbitant fees for afterhours work, may or may not be licensed, may or may not have the appropriate equipment, offers no warranty or guarantee and doesn't clean up after himself. Basically you have a "plumber" taking advantage of a homeowner in a fix.

Prior Planning Prevents Poor Plumber Performance

The time to find a reliable, reputable, emergency plumbing service is before you need it. Doing a little due diligence will prevent surprises when you need them the least. Find plumbing services that serve your area and that offer 24/7 emergency plumbing service. Once you have that list start checking out the companies:

  • How long have they been in business
  • Are they licensed (you can check with the state)
  • Are they an accredited member of the Better Business Bureau
  • Do they have references and testimonials from customers
  • What is their billing policy
  • Do they offer to guarantee their work

Once you have a short list, call the companies and ask the questions you couldn't get answers to through your own research. Often times you'll form an opinion of their "professionalism" just by how they answer the phone.

This may seem like a lot of work but when you need emergency plumbing, and you will at some point, you'll have the plumber of your choice arriving at the door and not a stranger.

If you have questions about response time, guarantees and other services, don't hesitate to call Paradise Service Technologies, Fort Lauderdale's leading plumbing and air conditioning service. We'll be happy to answer all your questions.

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